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Review close smooth Ningxia makes an on-the-spot i









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[study group is pressed]
18 to 20 days, xi Jinping makes an on-the-spot investigation to Ningxia. Today, " People's Daily " front page publishs an article " Ningxia of Xi Jinping's secretary-general inspects pay a return visit -- " socialism is dry come out " " , announced a lot of be used to to make the same score the interesting detail during Ningxia nearly.
Xi Jinping is for instance ardent enjoin the villager: "Catch the education of good child above all, cannot let issue generation to be defeated to go up in the scratch line. Another, solid start production, increase income steadily continuously. Increase income steadily continuously..
The secretary-general pays close attention to fictitious economy and hypostatic economy effective confluence. Before much home store, he asked same a word, "What what sells is best? "What what sells is best??
When the secretary-general inspects electric business platform, unexpectedly computer delay machine. Xi Jinping pats pat boy shoulder to say: "Sell well go. " draw a mirth.
More content, study group (small letter Xuexixiaozu) recommend read textual.
Pay a return visit reviews Ningxia of close smooth secretary-general makes an on-the-spot investigation
"Socialism is dry come out "
Du Shangze Zhu Lei
The Ningxia July, day high water is broad, heavy hill is folded emerald green.
18 days come 20 days, ningxia survey inspects development of Xi Jinping's secretary-general, in solid and other places of former, Yinchuan visited revolutionary tradition to teach base, country, business.
Build phase of decide the issue of the battle of comparatively well-off society in the round, take off phase of sprint of deficient assault fortified positions, does Ningxia serve as western old quarter of area, nation region, revolution, owe develop how does the area realize synchronism to go with the whole nation? How to hit win battle of deficient assault fortified positions? Xi Jinping's secretary-general reads aloud at present to be in at present, care in the heart.
Abide is worn inspect track, reporter pay a return visit the partial cadre masses that communicates face-to-face with the secretary-general.
Exact position seeks in historical endless flow:
Had gone we the long march road of this generation
Inspect a course: 18 days morning, xi Ji county of solid former city stage fort
Ningxia south, airport of 6 dishes of hill of distance solid former city the Xi Ji of Cheng of car of a many hour fort of prefectural general stage, recording the journey of Red Army showing the utmost fortitude.
During Red Army long march wins 80 years, xi Jinping inspects the first station as Ningxia here.
Xiayu is unbroken. Before join forces of Red Army long march is monumental, a basket of flowers of close Ping Jingxian of be used to, arrange lace. In October 1936, 3 large main force are in the Red Army can could there be and stage fort join forces, indicate victory of 25 thousand lis of long march ends.
Red army commander asks for join forces memorial hall, announcer Wang Fengjie recieves one act of the secretary-general since affectionate memory: "He looks finely, ask greatly, just was in into the door ' red billing of market of home of 25 army sheet ' before stop. Single home market is taken is area of the Huis inhabit a region, the Red Army publicizes the policy towards nationalities of the party and religious policy, made this billing. " red 25 army when passing single home market, impart to place technology of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, masses of the Hui nationality is because of what this says " red pink " . Wang Fengjie says, the secretary-general asks for Shi Rao to have interest to this end length.
In memorial hall, wang Fengjie for many times of chant Mao Zedong " clear smooth happy · 6 dishes of hill " , "Want to hear secretary-general recitation really this poem, regretful is, this time is too short. ' do not be not brave man to the Great Wall ' , not be today mental portraiture of China? Not be today mental portraiture of China??
Before sand table of long march course, xi Jinping's secretary-general told what one says during a conversation, ji Zheng of secretary of firm former municipal Party committee almost can one word not be born back comes down. "We should accede and had promoted great long march mind. Had such mind, what cannot overcome without what is difficult. We should take new long march way, long march is forever on the road. In those days long march, it is the long march that the Chinese Communist leads people capturing political power, we now is implementation of new period of reforming and opening ' two centenary ' the new long march of struggling target, continue undertakes this. Us this generation person should have gone us the long march road of this generation. Us this generation person should have gone us the long march road of this generation..
"An intense history is shown to take on between secretary-general speech. This banquet word lets me remember he emphasizes repeatedly ' do not forget first heart ' 4 words. This one club of our continue, should hit namely win battle of deficient assault fortified positions, make solid former realize well-off jointly with the whole nation. " Ji Zheng says.
Outside memorial hall, masses of about a hundred cadre hears the news come. The Ma Guodong a suit of suddenly home channel is drenched, however muddy of ground of very pleased with oneself does not become aware like that. "Hear the secretary-general came, everybody is considered on take an umbrella. " secretary-general edge handclasp, does the edge send one's respects to villagers " the body but good? " " planted a few mus of ground? " " the secretary-general is keeping thinking about the life of people of revolutionary old quarter, this consideration is very warm. This consideration is very warm..
Fill on comparatively well-off road neat short board:
The assault fortified positions that take off deficient relies on cadre masses be of one mind to work
Inspect a course: 18 days afternoon, fort of Peng of division of village of Yang Ling of countryside of big bay of county of source of short for the Jinghe River of solid former city, former administrative division presses down Yao to grind a village; 19 days morning,
"The whole nation still has 50 million impoverished population, arrive to must achieve the overall goal that take off deficient 2020. This is the thing that I care most currently. " what be used to makes the same score the deep, consider carefully that shows loving care for to helping deficient up to work nearly is fine, sea solid area is a dramatic testimony on the west.
This is Xi Jinping comes the 3rd times to Xi Haigu. This in former days " the world of bitter barren armour " barren area, his become attached to is the same as 20 years ago. 1996, the Party Central Committee, the State Council make the major strategy disposition that develops thing ministry to help deficient cooperation up, fujian cooperates to start from this rather. The Xi Jinping that vice secretary of Fujian provincial Party committee holds the post of when holds the post of a group leader, take the lead side of responsible speak or sing alternately helps Ningxia work. Sloping field transforms place of business of the terraced fields, cellar that dig a well, emigrant condole, xi Jinping in those days these measure helping deficient up of dominant, changed the destiny of countless impoverished families.
Come 20 years, he is keeping thinking about from beginning to end the villager here.
Xi Jinping thinks of hard place has a look again. Village of Yang Ling of countryside of big bay of county of source of short for the Jinghe River, be " poor village " . The poverty of the village door Ma Ke, did not think of to see a secretary-general in the home. Xi Jinping stands in the small courtyard with green abundant meaning, have the daily life of a family a little with him. Equestrian division agitato reports to the secretary-general: "Past day is uncovered not boil, raised 5 cattles now, planted 15 mus of ground, go out when slack season work, the family earns one year 449. The family earns one year 449..
"Commissariat eats quite, the child has learn to go up, see a doctor have new farming close, next what plan do you still have? " secretary-general smile is filled with, ma Ke does not know to be told from which temporarily case. Xi Jinping is ardent enjoin him: "Catch the education of good child above all, cannot let issue generation to be defeated to go up in the scratch line. Another, solid start production, increase income steadily continuously. Increase income steadily continuously..
Poverty door mark handsome home is lively all the more: "Go up in we this kang, the secretary-general is playing my hand, call me young man. This feeling won't forget all one's life. The Communist Party is taking our crops person to realize a dream, the day is crossed have more approach a head. The day is crossed have more approach a head..
The delegate of village cadre, Party member, large family that raise a cattle is mixed poverty door delegate, full to the brim packed one house. "Village logic did good works, wet is not one foot mud " " carried water in the past, now tap water clang with a clang flow " " the cadre leaves a village, what know in past TV is present now saw " ... the villager people open radio receiving set, contend for tell about these year of change of world-shaking. Raising a cattle is the important way that industry of Yang Ling village takes off deficient. Complete dragon of horse of the large family that raise a cattle is wanting to continue to enlarge dimensions, from now 11 increase 20. "I had developed secretary-general encourage to set an example be the first action. These two days, I am thinking over to get together the villagers that raise a cattle one case say say. I am thinking over to get together the villagers that raise a cattle one case say say..
Lan Zhulin is Yang Ling village the first secretary, next villages 9 months. Discuss a job that take off deficient, data have words. Xi Jinping twists a head to ask village secretary of a Party or League branch Ma Anlin, how do you blend? "I praise repeatedly, had blended, work of the first secretary is very steady. " " the secretary-general's word, I write down was in this small getting on: ' a village is built well, the key should have a good Party branch. ' ' want adjust measures to local conditions, breed an industry to serve as the basic outlet that drives deficient assault fortified positions. ' I smacked chest to the secretary-general: ' be at ease please, assure to finish good job! ' "
On the hillside, the villager of 10 lis of 8 villages came, in the three-layer outside three-layer. Rain still is falling, they abandon an umbrella, applause ardently, contend for identical secretary-general handclasp. "Have cry ' secretary-general ' , have cry ' chairman ' , still have cry ' be used to greatly ' , everybody very beautiful, readily take the opportunity to very, somebody is dropping teardrop grin to laugh. " Ma Anlin is unforgettable this affection this scene: "This is common feelings of people. "This is common feelings of people..
Fort of Peng of division of former administrative division presses down Yao to grind a village, through developing contemporary agriculture, thoroughly remould oneself was become " rich village " , reputation of 10 thousand mus of cold cool vegetable base is far sow. The secretary-general gets off, make a variety of establish large family and Wu labour villager crowd around.
Yao grinds a village become rich road, profit from " double be the first " : Breed organization of party of rural basic level to be the first energetically support of the people becomes rich leader, drive a farmer to become rich. Maxiu is met even if one becomes rich leader. She is planted in head of village inner tube 14 years ago chili, take the lead nowadays a vegetable cultivates professional cooperation. "The secretary-general saw our fresh and picked chili and dawdle. The dawdle of Ningxia cultivates agronomist of Fujian of benefit from benefit from forest the bacterium careless skill that takes    , doing not have those who think of is, this is a secretary-general once group of name a person for a particular job comes. Forest the technical promotion that constitutes    and application, become a when Fujian cooperates rather vivid old practice. Become a when Fujian cooperates rather vivid old practice..
Yao grinds a village is one is not married originally go up the poor village of daughter-in-law, became now contend for marry the blessing ground that come over. Guo Shaoling is Leng Liang in vegetable base be on the move Wu work staff: "The secretary-general asked land contracts cost, soil works cost, become a shareholder share out bonus, there is a Zhang in his heart! There is a Zhang in his heart!!
Luo Jun is to cultivate large family, bask in darkly, the bottom of a trouser leg is touching mud. In the past a seed of one gourd ladle, grain, him belly is filled not full; Now, he holds the position of director of cooperation of a credence, worrying about the grain ration of about a hundred villager. "I put forward, ' want to understand market demand very much more ' . The secretary-general tells lucidly: ' be on guard market risk, need to manage individual acumen to hold already, also need a government to strengthen a service, want to do good news servive routine especially. ' "
A detail lets Yao grind Yao of village village secretary of a Party or League branch to choose impression deep all the more. Xi Jinping looked carefully to exhibit board thinness Party branch chart, party group of vegetable industry party group, beef cattle breed aquatics, service output party group... " the secretary-general said a word at that time, ' leading Party group is established to knit on industrial catenary ' . Much vividder methodology! This word since our Dang Jianlu, also be to become rich road. Also be to become rich road..
The Fujian below He Lan foot of a hill is pressed down rather, it is a sample book that thing ministry supports deficient cooperation. 19 days morning, the message that the secretary-general comes, spread everywhere to small town.
1997, come the habit that Ningxia supports deficient makes the same score in-depth survey nearly, start project of an essential sex " emigrant condole village " , let live in " one party natural environment cannot feed one party person " Xi Haigu masses, remove here. Himself names " Fujian Ning Cun " : "Fujian peaceful village now is a dry beach, in the future can be beach of a gold. In the future can be beach of a gold..
Chun Quqiu comes, time brings a great change to the worlds. In former days " the sky does not fly sparrow, grass does not grow on the ground, wind blows grit to run completely " dry beach, true thoroughly remould oneself became golden beach, fujian Ning Cun upgrades into Fujian to be pressed down rather, villager income turned over 20 times.
Red made of baked clay Bai Qiang, xiaolou row upon row of. Xi Jinping is to multiply a car to circling small town to turn first all right circuit, visit new appearance of new residential quarter. Always could there be Qian Kexiao of secretary of county Party committee recalls the case on the road: "The income that he is asking common people all the way, go to school, go to a doctor, ask village infrastructure form a complete set. He says ' exploration of Fujian peaceful cooperation gave a broad road, this valuable experience can be popularized to the whole nation, do to set an example, implementation is collective and rich. ' a carring pole that this is glory to us. ' a carring pole that this is glory to us..
Village of former grand immigrant is to always could there be the zoology immigrant village with the largest county, found a place for the 14 villages group that comes from solid former city 10515 people. Wearing 2000 degrees of myopic looking glass 10 thousand army red, deformity of old of the old person in the home, sweetheart. After emigrant Fujian is pressed down rather, he is versed in in Wu of big canopy of agricultural science and technology, at hand bounteous. This day morning, he club of bacterium of dawdle of absorption Shi Long, look up, the secretary-general entered bacterium canopy! 10 thousand army red excited extremely. "I always remember at that time setting, will work well more henceforth, not disappoint secretary-general entrust. Not disappoint secretary-general entrust..
Wang Quan is big to agricultural science and technology canopy very familiar with sth, the Qingdao that he is in is prosperous limited company of science and technology of day electricity solar energy is one of industries that support local industry to help deficient up. The villager lacks a skill, lack capital, rely on an enterprise to learn a skill, seek the market. The secretary-general says to him: "It is good that local enterprise should help the play in deficient process up in the industry urge action, first after rich side rich. " Wang Quan feels responsibility is major. The Spring Festival passes this year, 150 many villagers queue up to contend for contract big canopy, but the gruel is meagre and the monks are many not enough to go round. "These two days, I placed program, ' the poverty that has labor capacity door should put forward to contract only, we endeavor to support ' . Want to let the villager be versed in through Wu implementation takes off deficient dream not only, let more villager contract even, become a shareholder, participate in do poineering work, implementation becomes rich dream. Implementation becomes rich dream..
From agricultural science and technology big canopy comes out, xi Jinping comes to the party again group service center. Undergraduate village Guan Lixia is serving the hall to work in the people's livelihood. She encircles transmit in small letter friend the secretary-general comes the photograph of the village, results leaves a message hundreds of times. "When taking an examination of undergraduate village official 2013, sign up have 2000 many students. The secretary-general cares the growing grow into useful timber of undergraduate village official very much.
Come the Chen Guoxue that hall of service of the people's livelihood handles affairs " hear hurrah, turn the head saw him in the crowd " . "Build is tall, the hand is thick, I one excited forgot to let go. " do not let go, let him become village famous person, the villager sees he says envy.
The service station of wholesome family planning next door, by the hospital on the town the group comes doctor and nurse, they are many old patient eyes in the village are medium " treasure " . Secretary-general and chitchat of a few patients rise. Around of immigrant of villager Tian Chenglin, from the distance that the home reachs a hospital, 5 kilometers shortened 300 meters. Villager Ma Baojiang has traumatic sex arthritis, bought a plaster to must cross a big mountain in the past, go a few minutes now, spend 78 money to be able to come this does physiotherapy.
The area austral the village 6 groups 16 14, xi Jinping walks into the home of national treasure of sea of masses of immigrant of the Hui nationality. Compound clear, meal waves sweet, emigrant life speaks of from this house, the government divided housing of 54 square metre to every immigrant, be in at the same time take clean land aside, let them rely on both hands to become rich with one's shoulder to collar. Sea national treasure says: "Now 4 house 100 much square metre are me later date stamp. The member that I serve as Laodang gives a secretary-general to tell an one's innermost thoughts and feelings on behalf of villagers, ' cannot wait rely on to want, we fight ability well not the care of disappoint secretary-general ' . We fight ability well not the care of disappoint secretary-general ' ..
Xie Xingchang is the first batch comes to what press down rather to Fujian to remove door, "19 days that day, I sit opposite the secretary-general. It is him in those days the resolution that in Fujian a congratulatory letter on Ning Cun foundation stone laying ceremony gave me to move gully channel. I could there be to Fujian the farm broke tassel of 4 4 maize cob, broomcorn near the village, after answering Xi Haigu, publicize everywhere here good. For generations of a mountainous area farmer is dreaming to walk out of big hill, longing to not be short of grain, do not lack water, dream to come true eventually now! " " I say to jump over excitement more, tell a secretary-general ' 3 days of 3 night also do not say the loving-kindness that should say the Communist Party ' . Tell a secretary-general ' 3 days of 3 night also do not say the loving-kindness that should say the Communist Party ' ..
Qian Dong of secretary of Party committee of Fujian peaceful town is deep-felt feel two true feeling. An affection is to take off the common people that deficient becomes rich to be opposite " guide " of Xi Jinping be thankful, the arrival of hear secretary-general, the villager people thick as hail, want to say oneself beautiful day; An affection, it is the secretary-general is cast in between the lines, raise one's hand sufficient when outpouring the real situation, "He has deep love for this loess ground, the common people that missing loess ground to go up from beginning to end " .
Solidarity promotes in culture confluence:
Religion makes contribution for socialistic career more
Inspect a course: 19 days morning, mosque of new city of Yinchuan city Jin Feng district
Ningxia is ethical region, devotional Mohammedan masses compares concentration.
Xi Jinping is walked into only then the new city mosque that is built at the beginning of Ming Moqing. Vice-chairman of Chinese Mohammedan association, Ningxia is Mohammedan association chairman Yang Faming is vivid explained socialistic core viewpoint of value, explained the implication of lection of week hall inside and outside to the secretary-general, "Patriotic, peace, solidarity, harmonious " .
In week hall, xi Jinping is the same as a municipality personage of Mohammedan bound delegate is kind chat. "Want to guide religion and socialistic society photograph actively to suit, religion of supportive our country holds to China to change way. Our country is Mohammedan should do work of good solution classics, pay attention to explain to public to see classics gain newly, develop religious person with ability energetically. Develop religious person with ability energetically..
Yang Faming feels the direction in the heart is clearer: "We will the secretary-general teach turn into the action, promote Mohammedan patriotic love to teach a tradition, guide Mohammedan bound and be religious masses to be devoted into actively develop at economic society, make the contribution of religious bound to realize Chinese dream. Make the contribution of religious bound to realize Chinese dream..
Ma Dequan saw a secretary-general in mosque: "If have an opportunity, I want to say to him very much, ' there are you in heart of the people of the whole country, there is the people of the whole country inside your heart. Our Moslem masses feels clinking extremely proud, excited. ' "
Ma Shengming of opening imam of new city mosque welcomed the visitor that comes from countrywide each district these days, they should take that paragraph of route that the secretary-general has taken in mosque. Ma Shengming impression is the deepest is the secretary-general is opposite multivariate of culture include and understand: "He is told Mohammedan the development that is in China, talk fontal city and maritime silk way the action in missionary process. He says ' each nation of our country and religion are in 5000 old culture development of Shi Zhongyun Yo rises, air plant ability is only unripe be born not to cease ' . This is abstruse the language of the wisdom that understood the history, nation, religion. This is abstruse the language of the wisdom that understood the history, nation, religion..
"The nation is prosperous, the people unites, religion and suitable. " " cherish ethical solidarity, value happy life. " ... when reporter pay a return visit, mohammedan group public figure expresses in succession, the abundant abundant entrust of scarcely disappoint secretary-general, will carry out seriously implement spirit of conference of countrywide religion job, read aloud good the Koran already, had read aloud to become rich again classics, for the country development builds harmonious environment.
Real action rolls out on open development:
Butt joint of northwest cable business " road of the silk on the net "
Inspect a course: 19 days afternoon, poineering garden of peaceful short for Zhejiang Province of county of Yinchuan He Lan
Ningxia not not edge edge, coastal, rely on " one belt all the way " historical good luck, moved toward open forward position from inland hinterland.
Below congratulate orchid foot of a hill, ning Zhe does poineering work to regard thing ministry as synergic deepening field, involving city of Zhejiang justice black directly, connecting county of Ningxia He Lan directly. Build between the Changjiang Delta on a place of strategic importance and international market remove " road of the silk on the net " .
Li Yuhua of secretary of congratulate orchid county Party committee comes from city of Zhejiang Jin Hua, he found a new breach on poineering garden " electric business " . When accompanying poineering garden of visiting Ning Zhe, he has a lot of to experience want to say to the secretary-general: "New normal state leaves new economy breed be an idea above all " ; "Thing ministry collaboration also is experience of the eastpart part be in western be born " .
"Can experience, the secretary-general pays close attention to shirt-sleevely effectively to fictitious economy and hypostatic economy. Before much home store, he asked same a word, ' what what sells is best? ' the answer is medlar. The sale that leaves with the line on Ningxia medlar line is 5 ∶ 1. The sale that leaves with the line on Ningxia medlar line is 5 ∶ 1..
Thick unripe writing down is one is done farming the Ningxia mainland business that by-product processes, chief Ruan Shizhong is business of a short for Zhejiang Province however: "The spot, I introduced us to the secretary-general ' the report that help deficient up ' : ' raw material comes from old quarter of revolution of 6 dishes of hill, sign protective price with farmer. Odd horsebean project, help deficient up 20 thousand farmer ' . " " after inspecting an end, our the same night attends a meeting the speaking spirit that implements a secretary-general, want the arm since Lu to work energetically. Want the arm since Lu to work energetically..
Letting what he did not think of is, the secretary-general's arrival, brought unexpectedly tremendous " advertisement benefit " . These days company sale is climbed successively litre, the secretary-general comes the following day, thick unripe write down sold 200 thousand yuan more than former days.
Cross condition cable business county of He Lan of service center settle 3 months, ningxia the sale radius of a few products extended a state besides the door. Jiang dawn official listed a group of data to Xi Jinping: "This platform gathered together Ningxia many 120 medium and small businesses, a month exports the forehead to exceed 10 million U.S. dollors. " what they want to reveal electric business platform to go up for the secretary-general originally is busy, unexpectedly computer delay machine. Xi Jinping pats pat boy shoulder to say: "Sell well go. " draw a mirth.
To increase the electric business consciousness of Ningxia and capacity, they squeeze a half office space technically to should groom classroom, "The secretary-general emphasizes particularly, ' it is very important that electric business grooms, can develop more person with abilities for development of Ningxia cable business ' . Do do business of big northwest cable by force, this is our dream, also be the secretary-general's expectation. Also be the secretary-general's expectation..
Optimize upgrade to suffer from kongfu up and down:
Carry on the working class to go all out in work spirit is immersed oneself in hardworking
Inspect a course: 19 days afternoon, base of chemical industry of energy of Yinchuan environs Ningdong
Ningxia is economy is owed develop province area, rely heavily on sb's service leans can the feature is apparent. Push reform of sex of supply side structure, can develop continuously for Ningxia economy offerred not exhaust kinetic energy. During making an on-the-spot investigation, xi Jinping has a look on a special trip. Plant area is boundless, platform of tremendous chimney, scaffold, work is showing the vigor of the factory.
2008, xi Jinping once set foot on this hot earth, inspect divine China peaceful coal to produce per year project of 250 thousand tons of methanol; Now day, 4 million tons of coal that building makes oily item, it is the coal with global monomer the largest scale makes oily item, also be the strategic project that ensures safety of national energy resources.
The message that the secretary-general comes, pass 10, 10 pass 100, spread everywhere to base of chemical industry of Ning Dongneng source -- employee people emerge to high work platform, in chorus says hello to to the secretary-general, myriad sound gathers together, resemble spot of agitate of the again and again like tidewater. Xi Jinping waves, send his respects to.
The secretary-general is extemporaneous speech. His sound was full of force: "My mood is very excited also, the large building that saw socialism is built made of baked clayly in one brick rise. Attendant worker brother sisters, I was full of devoir to you. Socialism is dry come out, it is recumbent we go all out in work working-classly spirit, immerse oneself in hardworking, true grab get right on the job, we just can achieve an another great goal, obtain a positive result of another plentiful and substantial. " " the career of the Chinese nation cannot the halt, travel before wanting continue. The energy that the Chinese nation saves is too long, want to erupt to realize great Chinese dream. This is us the historical mission of this generation person, we each person goes up to struggle to achieve this goal in his post. We each person goes up to struggle to achieve this goal in his post..
Tan Bin of 36 years old, responsible coal makes the chief engineer of oily project. "These days everybody is in exalted position. We attended a meeting an assault fortified positions, every employee mentions a secretary-general this heart-stirring word is excited unceasingly. " " when the spot and secretary-general handclasp, somebody introduces I am Tsinghua college graduate, the secretary-general asks: ' did the outstanding talent of this countrywide domain gather together here? ' "
Yao Min of vise general manager of group of divine China peaceful coal, working here is 12 years. When Xi Jinping and his handclasp, ask very finely. Yao Min sighs with emotion unceasingly: "The course of construction is so walk over step by step, great change of 12 years of vicissitudes of life, base of chemical industry of Ning Dongneng source from do not have have, by small to big, built today the base of coal chemical industry of world-class. Rely on us to go all out in work working-classly just about spirit, just had today's world to fix eyes upon, had the infinite possibility tomorrow. Just had today's world to fix eyes upon, had the infinite possibility tomorrow..
That day, the car leaves go out very far, workers still are in look at, prolonged of applause, hurrah does not cease.
"Socialism is dry come out. " Li Jianhua of secretary of Party committee of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region learns deploy to be able to go up in what inspect end hind, cite again and again secretary-general this word. Theoretic by accident country, get right on the job allows state. He says: "We whether give in a satisfactory exam paper to the Party Central Committee and Ningxia people, the key should see us whether seek ground of true deal with concrete matters relating to work on new long march way ground of dry, water constantly dripping wears holes in stone works land of dry, seize every minute. the powerful resultant force that a secretary in charge of sth of speaking spirit translate into does poineering work, the heart thinks toward one place, interest makes toward one place, emancipatory thought, true catch advancement of get right on the job, do all one can, ensure build comprehensive and comparatively well-off society with countrywide synchronism. Ensure build comprehensive and comparatively well-off society with countrywide synchronism..
" People's Daily " (on July 23, 2016 01 edition)
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